Noam Razin

Computer Science PhD Student

Tel Aviv University


I’m a PhD student in the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, fortunate to be advised by Nadav Cohen.

My research interests include the theoretical foundations and applications of machine learning. More specifically, I’m interested in analyzing aspects of expressiveness, optimization, and generalization in deep learning, with the goal of establishing theoretically grounded practices.

Email: noamrazin (at) mail.tau.ac.il



* denotes equal contribution.

Implicit Regularization in Tensor Factorization
Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning May Not Be Explainable by Norms
RecoBERT: A Catalog Language Model for Text-Based Recommendations
Scalable Attentive Sentence-Pair Modeling via Distilled Sentence Embedding


  • Teaching Assistant for Foundations of Deep Learning (course #0368-3080), Tel Aviv University, 2021.